Indie Rock

We Are The Guard enjoys music from all genres, and the newest one from Cemetery Sun called Stay A While might tickle the fancies of any pop-rock lover, but just expands upon the range of the young, up-and-coming band looking to find footing in a saturated market.
courtship.’s Bad Fun is like the Danger Mouse produced Black Keys songs run through a Tame Impala filter. This sun-drenched Los Angeles duo have got some serious early MGMT vibes.
DESTROYER blurs the line between indie rock weirdo and radio-friendly play. Guards have got just the right kind of the pop-catchiness here, hinting at the recent successes of Saint Motel and Portugal. The Man, that could make this song enjoyably inescapable.
Joy to the world! ‘Cause Brooklyn baddie Aaron Taos released a new single just in time for Christmas. Aaron Taos’ dive bar rock vibes are music to my ears, and I expect great great things from him. Keep ‘em coming.
Brace yourself for a zany time. Do What You Want, the Presets’ new single, now has an accompanying visual and you’ll probably think someone slipped you a tab of acid or something. Check it out below.
Gabriel Black’s sound is relatable; it’s genuine, DIY indie, and he groups it with videos of his unique sketches, personalizing his music even further. Hurricane presents itself as a stark emo anthem; the guitar riffs churning along the track are just the right amount of pop punk and fit well with the themes of the song: love sucks.
Put some pep back in your step with this newly-released track from KNGDAVD called Blood on Our Hands, a really delightful song that is highly recommended by Ken (that's me) from We Are The Guard. You will love it. No money back, guaranteed!
There is no safe, easy, middle-of-the-road way in music. This is something that Grace Mitchell seems to understand instinctively. Perhaps it’s her youthful idealism still speaking, at just 19 years old, but Mitchell’s boldness is paying off.
We've been obsessed with BORNS ever since we heard his debut album, Dopamine. But now, finally, he has released a track called Faded Heart, off of his upcoming sophomore album. It's a bit surprising—but in the best way possible.
Heavy alterna-grunge guitar leads into a psychedelic dream chorus on Gloves Off, the first and only track from Future Ware Bride. This sure isn’t a sound you hear too often in 2017, and all the more reason why I’m ecstatic about it.
Stepping into summer, We Are The Guard listens to You Do You, a pulse-pounding new and unreleased track from Zayde Wolf. I bet you cannot help but dance to this peppy song.