Indie Rock

Listening to SAINTS by ECHOS is a religious experience, a conclusion I came to mere minutes before realizing what this song was actually called.
Typical is Low Cut High Tops’ killer new follow-up to his equally killer debut album, Eh Whatever, which has amassed more Spotify streams than dollars I’ll ever make in my entire life.
You may not be familiar with singer-songwriter Joe Taylor, but that is soon about to change. Hailing from northern England, the artist creates soul pop music, spinning 90s RnB and nu soul.
Coffee Shop is just the right kind of magical fun weirdness that the freaks of the world united can (and will) get behind. This is Internet chill for the new age, with driving drums, caffeinated crooning and psuperb psychedelic psongwriting.
What EDEN lacks in polish, he more than enough makes up for with authenticity. This Dublin, Ireland singer/songwriter makes, writes and produces his own anthems of emotive glory. Wings is the latest single from EDEN’s impressive full-length debut, Vertigo.