Best New Artists 2012

Unlike the iconic X-men she adopted her moniker from, Kitty Pryde cannot walk through walls, but she can spit fierce rhymes about boys, online dating, and Taylor Swift.
Hot As Sun makes low-fi electric pop music that tends to be omnipresent in big cities across America. Yet that simplistic definition doesn't do justice to their sound.
Sometime our search for the Latest New Music takes us to very strange places. I don't even know where to start with Trippple Nippples, so just watch this video.
Is there something in the water in France that bestows special electronic music powers on all their citizens? One of the latest to join the is Pyramid in our Top Indie.
In 2005, Montreal musicians, Kim Ho, Sid-Z and Lisa Ivy, came together with one mission on their minds: "To chew you up and spit you out." And thus, Creature was born. Check out their music here.
"La Promesa" delivers just what Electro-Rock needs. And right now... it needs L.A. Calling. Check out L.A. Calling's video La Promesa one of our favorite new finds.