Best New Indie

Did you attend Bonnaroo? Or did you stay at home and watch the live stream in your underpants like me? Featuring The Avalanches, Shura, Tom Odell, Glass Animals, Bishop Briggs and more, I'm sure that you'll agree that this was definitely worth tearing myself away from the LCD Soundsystem headline set for.
Choosing 10 songs out of say, 1000 songs is no mean feat, but that's exactly what we pride ourselves on here at BitCandy – bringing you the best of the best. Of course I'm biased, but I'm not sure there's another music blog out there that can really say that. On that note, here are the Best Indie Songs of Week 32 from BØRNS, Ruby Empress, Albin Lee Meldau, Adam Jensen, Dropout and more.
While none of us can predict what the second half of the year has got in store for us (we're looking at you, Frank Ocean), if this week's playlist is anything to go by, then 2016 is only getting better! Here are the latest tracks from Coldplay, Iggy Pop, Wild Beasts, Animal Collective, MUTEMATH and more!
How is it that a music awards wholly determined by chart performance, sales figures and radio airplay as opposed to artistic merit is still relevant in 2016? I'm sorry, Billboard Music Awards. Benjamin Clementine, Glass Animals, Anna Of The North and the seven other artists featured in this week's playlist may not have been up for any awards last night, but they're all winners in our eyes.
From YACHT's totally gross sex tape stunt to Azealia Banks' super disgusting racist and homophobic Twitter rant, the previous seven days seemed intent on reminding us of everything that's wrong with music in the Internet age. Pro-tip: If you want the blogosphere's attention that badly, then try writing a good song! No, really – it works! Just ask Grimes, James Blake, The Kills, MØ, Death Grips and more!
It's been a slow week for music, huh?! LOL jk. Can you believe that, in the space of seven days, we've been blessed with a new Radiohead album AND a new James Blake album?! New, new, NEW indie music from Radiohead (duh), James Blake (duh), DJ Shadow and more!
Hi hipsters! How are you? Having no doubt overplayed the internet-breaking Lemonade and Views by now, you'll be pleased to hear that – GASP! – other music did come out last week! So if you're tired of conspiring who Becky with the good hair or the latest girl to break Aubrey Drake Graham's heart might be, instead take a listen to the following edition of Top Indie Songs featuring Jack Garratt, The Flaming Lips, Frances and more!
I considered dedicating this week's playlist solely to slow jams by The Purple One, but then I remembered that a) there are too many to choose from and b) I'd have no music to embed anyway! So instead, I'll leave you to discover those classics in your own time, while I instead turn your attention to the latest tracks from Anna Of The North, Amber Run, Syd, Phoria, The Land Below and more.