Best New Artists 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the week we bring you another cool Brit band. The saviors of the day happen to be the 5-piece band Coastal Cities. Check it out!
Electronic producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and all-round badass DJ, Caleb Cornett AKA Amtrac, has become a human piñata of popular house music remixes.
New artist Wild Cub's legacy may ultimately be making people realize that there's more to Nashville than just country. Doubt me? Then check it out now yo!
Folktronica is the way that Australian native and hot new artist St. South, also known as Olivia Gavranich, describes her music - and it's not hard to see why.
New artist SIZARR recently cracked the post-punk scene in Germany. Grow your beard and get an undercut because you're about to have your hipster brain blown.
New artist Fink is another English singer-songwriter who is doing a whole lot of right with his talent and I love it. Check it out and get up to date with awesome.
New artist Young Galaxy is a Canadian indie electro/pop band formed in 2005 in Vancouver. Discover interesting new bands like Young Galaxy right here on The Guard.
New artists and indie folk sensations from down under, The Paper Kites, have made quite a splash on the web since their first EP, Woodland, landed in 2011.