Best New Artists 2013

Hurricane Love is one of those new bands that will make you feel like you're 16 again. These unsigned heroes, fresh on the scene from Sweden, are making some crazy waves!
New artist Raleigh Ritchie does slow jam RnB. Find all the best new bands right here on The Guard, and find out how you can get credit for your music discoveries.
Today's new artists are Prince Innocence, a Canadian minimalist synth duo, discovered by one of our top Curators. Find out how you can become a Curator too!
New artist, ASTR, delivers an uneasy newness that's a little weird, often exciting, and sometimes even a bit scary. Discover more new bands right here on The Guard.
Magic Man is the latest new artist discovered by top curator, Duffster. This poignant quintet from Rhode Island could be one of the best new bands of the summer!
Denitia and Sene are the latest new artists discovered by our Curators. Check our site regularly to find more new bands or to share your new artist finds.
New artist Inc. casually traverses across erotic R&B, minimal funk and pop territories. Check them out and see if you think there's more to their sound than a Prince vibe
Our new artist find, Moddi, is a lost little Norwegian boy just trying to get through his twenties. Learn how you can become a curator and discover new music like Moddi!